A watch with multiple personalities

The highlight of both dials are the exposed rotors of the automatic movements. The dress side of the Zoid Dual Face is your standard style rotor as opposed to the unique rotor featured on the casual side.
The movement is a Japanese Miyota automatic with 42-hour power reserve. 
When your mood changes and you feel like you need a bit more colour in your life, flip it. The other side of this Zoid Dual Face is full of colour and flash.
The hour markers number are a digital style font and look as though they are floating on top of that carbon fibre. The hour and minute hands are more of a custom look by using polished discs with the short hour and minute pointers. Half of the second hand is painted orange which looks good sweeping over the polished hour and minute hands. The same AR-coated sapphire crystal is also used to cover all of this.
Having one side of the watch is all flashy and bold, while having the more toned down side can totally fit any mood. Flipping the watch and the straps is a breeze to do. So if you are into large bold watches and are the type that likes to change things up on the go this watch is for you.

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